Vital statistics
Name Alexandra Nicolaev
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Birthdate April 4, 1894 (116)
Status Alive
Season 1-2
Series Regular
Portrayed By Blake Lively

Alexandra Nicolaev (Blake Lively) is Ethan Proudmore's only sire. She was born in Russia in 1894 and later got married to an american merchant. In 1814 she met Ethan who saved her from being poisoned and gave her his blood. She is the series over all good-vampire with a bad ass attitude.


Alexandra Nicolaev was born to Gustav Nicoleav and an unnamed woman in Russia of 1894. Growing up, Alexandra was introduced into her hidden family secret, the fact that she was the descendant of a group of witches, yet for some reason Alexandra's powers were dorment, an ancient prophet told the family that her powers would come of use to her when she needed them the most. Sooner or later she was enganged and later married to an american merchant who later tried to kill her in order to inherit her father's mother. Since Ethan saved her life, Alexandra has enjoyed being a vampire, yet she loses sight of her humanity at times. Alexandra is always stirring Ethan back onto the right path. She has been involved with vampires from the past such as Anna Plenters & Arielle Proudmore.

Season OneEdit

In "Let Me In", Alexandra is introduced as Ethan's friend or the go-to-person, because she is a worthy friend. Alexandra appears in a few episodes in the series when Ethan continues to ask for her help in dealing with a most complicated problem, Ellie Santos. As of episode 8, "Lockdown", she is a main character in the series and is to appear to the end of the season.

Later on in the series, Alexandra and Chase King create a relationship and soon Alexandra leaves for a few episodes when Ethan shows Ellie more attention than her. Alexandra leaves Chase a vial of vampire blood behind. Her blood is what makes Chase a vampire later on in the series.

In "Dead Man Walking", Alexandra makes her return just to take care of him and must deal with a speech from Ethan. Alexandra then aids Ethan as they face a new threat... Michael & Miles Johnston. Alexandra is very skilled when it comes to fighting and always bails a friend out.

Alexandra and Ethan are both kidnapped by Greg Sutherland and Sheriff Strauss. Alexandra reveals that has some type of witch blood in her system. Alexandra doesn't like Ellie in the beginning of the series but as this season progresses Alexandra and Ellie have started a friendship built around sarcasm. Alexandra is vervained shortly after the discovery of Chase's body. Alexandra is then locked in a cage, where she and Ethan have feeling this is it for them. But, Kristin Dawson manages to trick Greg and free Alexandra and Ethan from the spell's effects.

Season TwoEdit

In "The Uninvited", it's revealed and shown that Alexandra has started to drink human blood at an uncontrollable rate and doesn't care who she has to get rid of to get her daily dose.