Vital statistics
Name Amelia
Gender Female
Species Witch
Birthdate 1969 (42)
Status Deceased
Season 1
Series Recurring
Portrayed By Allison Mack

Amelia (Allison Mack) was the godmother and sole guardian of Symone Warren. Amelia started the series as a very secretive and over protective woman, wanting the best for her now adopted daughter. Amelia was later killed in the episode, "A Little Superstitous".

Season OneEdit

Amelia told Symone that she was a witch later on in the series and started to reveal facts about Tamara Warren and Abigail, who helped with the construction of the Warren Witch Bloodline. In the episode "The Sunrise" & "Spellbound", Amelia had to perform the spell that would help break Ellie Santos from Scarlet's curse.

Amelia then started to work with Sheriff Strauss, Michael and others to perform a ritual when The Eclipse made its way into Fells Church. All that was known was that Symone needed to be killed. Soon, the ritual is traced back to the season finale and it's sole purpose will soon be revealed.

Amelia was killed by Symone, but it was out of self defense. Soon Symone continues to try and contact Amelia, but to the point where all hope is lost. It's unknown if Amelia apologized to Symone before her death.