Vital statistics
Name Arielle Proudmore
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Birthdate October 4, 1799
Status Destroyed
Season 1-2
Series Other
Portrayed By Ashley Greene

Arielle Proudmore (Ashley Greene) is Ethan Proudmore's sister. She was destroyed in 1980 by an uknown vampire hunter, although this accusation was later proved to be false. It was later revealed that it was Johnston Everwood who actually killed her. Ethan comes to Fells Church in order to find out who ordered for his sister to be staked.


Arielle Proudmore was born in 1799, not much is known about her except the fact that she is was looking for something before her untimely death. She left her brother, Ethan Proudmore behind, something they promised to never do to one another. It can be hinted that Arielle was involved with Johnston Everwood, Ellie Santos and Scarlet. It's also revealed that there will be a flashback episode at the end of season two that will reveal what really happened that night; it will connect Ethan, Ellie, Alexandra Nicolaev, Johnston, Scarlet, Kaylee, Reece, Arielle, and Skye all to one another.

Season OneEdit

Arielle appears in a flashback episode. Some of the flashbacks she occurs in are due to Kristin Dawson wanting to know what happened to her. Arielle is often mentioned by Ethan and Ellie as they uncover the truth and discov a shocking form of history in the making. It is revealed that Arielle and Johnston Everwood had a type of romantic relationship sometime back, and when he heard that Ethan and Arielle were leaving, he could not allow it, he became obsessed with her. Johnston placed out a death order, but Ethan managed to get away. But there's more that happened that night than Ethan remembers.

Season Two

Arielle is set appear in season two in an unexpect gathering of circumstances that will once more change the rules of the game.