Vital statistics
Name Aron Misner
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Birthdate October 2, 1993
Status Alive
Season 1-2
Series Regular
Portrayed By Sean Faris

Aron Misner (Sean Faris ) used to be Thomwood High's most valuable bully, always tormenting people. But since the discovery of him being a werewolf, Aron had stopped going to school and convinced his girlfriend Emma Sutherland to do the same. Throughout the series Aron's best friend was Chase King and his rival will be and has always been Ethan Proudmore.

Season OneEdit

In "Pilot" Aron is first introduced when Emma Sutherland, his girlfriend, invites her best friends Kristin Dawson and Symone Warren over to talk with them. Aron talks to the girls for one second. Later Aron is seen with Emma after they take a huge test, and according to Emma he is all she can think about. He is described to be the perfect boyfriend. Aron has a budding friendship with Chase and doesn't like or respect the new student Ethan Proudmore, whom he doesn't realize is a vampire. Aron throws a back-to-school party.

Later on in episodes such as "The Thirst", Aron is seen with Chase as they try to pick fights with Ethan, and lose every round. Aron is a jerk at times, according to Emma who is always apologizing for his input on situations. Aron soon learns that his anger is starting to get the better of him, and he finds a book about his family heritage and soon when he and Chase get into an argument at Kristin's 18th birthday party, "The Changeling", Aron soon starts to go crazy and quickly leaves, after killing Chase.

Soon, it's revealed that Aron is a werewolf. Aron goes through his first transition during an eclipse, also the eve of a dark moment for witche; this takes place in the episode "The Night The Moon Turned To Flames". Aron tries to contact his grandfather, Joe Misner, the only one that seems can help him at this moment. Aron and Emma's relationship has faded into the darkness.

For the longest period of time, Aron thought that Chase was dead. Later as the series progressed, Aron brings Emma into the drama as he starts to tell her everything about the supernatural world in the season finale.

Season TwoEdit

In "The Uninvited", Aron reveals all to Emma and has become more developed character with the skills of being a leader as he and his grandfather have their own agenda at hand.