Vital statistics
Name Brooke Asaari
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Birthdate 1403 (607)
Status Destroyed
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Sasha Pieterse

Brooke Asaari (Sasha Pieterse) was a 607-year-old vampire, whom has come to Fells Church with her mother, Skye Asaari and her brother Riley Asaari. Brook has come to get revenge on Ellie Santos on the behalf of Ellie killing her father, Aaban. She does drink human blood, but only from blood banks. Brooke shows signs of being agressive and weak at the same time. She is very skilled and argues with what she believes in.

Season OneEdit

Brooke is first seen when Skye kidnaps Kristin Dawson's mother, Laurie Dawson in the episode "Skye". Everyone that loves Kristin and Laurie decide that they are going to help them no matter what. Brooke and Riley attack the helpers and Skye goes for Ellie. Later, Symone Warren interrupts and burns the building, with them trapped inside.

Later, it's revealed that they escaped and they kidnap Ellie and Ethan Proudmore at the end of "Unveiled".

Brooke starts to feel sory for Ethan and Ellie and goes agains her mother's wishes. Symone and Kristin then go to Ethan, because Symone was talking with Brooke through the mind. As they are leaving, Riley comes to stop them, but Brooke stakes him. Brooke is then staked and killed by her own mother. Brooke's last words were, "Revenge was never the answer mother, Letting go was".