Vital statistics
Name Emma Sutherland
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate June 7, 1993
Status Alive
Season 1-2
Series Regular
Portrayed By Victoria Justice

Emma Sutherland (Victoria Justice) has lived in Fells Church ever since she was a baby, Emma is a teenage girl who lets her naive life cover up what she is really feeling. She is in a relationship with Aron Misner, who she has had trust issues with in the past, but they are overcoming that. She is the daughter to Greg Sutherland and Doria Sutherland and a friend to Kristin Dawson and Symone Warren.

Season OneEdit

In "Pilot", Emma is introduced as a character that doesn't have much of a storyline. Emma meets with her friends on their first day of their senior year. Emma then talks with her boyfriend Aron Misner. She and Aron are the perfect couple, or at least that's what it appears to be.

Emma and Symone hang out more than Kristin and Emma, this can be hinted during the episode Emma went to the library to help Symone look for a folkore tales book and they bumped into Ethan Proudmore, the mysterious new student.

In one episode, Emma appears just in time before Curtis Fell can have chance to kill Kristin. Emma was still in the dark about vampires, witches, and werewolves as her friends decided that it would be best to keep her out of their drama, knowing she is dealing with her own.

Emma attends Kristin's 18th birthday party in the episode "Changeling", and even though she faces the truth of the supernatural, she is compelled to forget everything that she has just witnessed, even the fact about learning Aron is now transitioning into a werewolf.

Emma, being re-introduced into the series as she starts to think that her friends have abandoned her and went their separate ways. At this point in the series, Emma finally starts to develop that longly-awaited storyline. Then in the episode "Past Mistakes", Emma's father Greg Sutherland makes an appearance and has an agenda that requires more than just making up for lost times.

She then meets up with Aron once again in a failed attempt to try to rekindle their relationship. She then learns that Aron thinks Chase is dead. But, Aron swears he had the slightest clue - that's the reason why he left. Emma then looks confused as Aron leaves. This could mean that Emma is about to learn of the dangers Fells Church is hiding.

Emma then appears in "Anna" & "Homecoming" as Aron attempts to show her the truth about everything, Emma then decides to go with him, not knowing to trust him or not.

Season TwoEdit

In "The Uninvited", Emma learns that Aron is a werewolf, learns about vampires, and learns that witches (even though she remembers performing a spell with Symone, though she thought it was fake) are all real. Emma will receive a better storyline this season, one that involves her making tough choices as a gruesome battle begins to play out over the course of the season.