Vital statistics
Name Mayor Jared King
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 1967
Status Deceased
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Brendan Beiser

Mayor Jared King (Brendan Beiser) was the mayor of Fells Church and father to the now destroyed Chase King whom was a vampire.

Season OneEdit

Jared is a single father and is friends with Sheriff Strauss, Michael, and Miles Johnston. Jared also takes part in trying to sacrifice Symone Warren and Amelia in a ritual dealing with The Eclipse. But after he aids in the capturing of Ellie Santos and Ethan Proudmore, everyone deals with the decisions they've made thus far. Jared is killed by Alexandra Nicolaev and Chase, his own son, because he wouldn't stop.

It's believed that Jared's wife either left him and Chase or she died.