Vital statistics
Name Laurie Dawson
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate TBA (mid-30s)
Status Alive
Season 1-2
Series Recurring
Portrayed By Kelly Rutherford

Lauren "Laurie" Dawson (Kelly Rutherford) is the over protective mother of Kristin Dawson and aunt to Peter Dawson, who she must now look after. Ever since the death of her husband, life has been hard for Laurie as she raises Kristin. Laurie always tries to be there for her family no matter what happens, she will soon learn that it's her family that's looking after her.

Season OneEdit

In the first season, Laurie is seen waiting at the breakfast table and talks to her daughter in the "Pilot" episode. Laurie then sees Kristin and Symone Warren off for their first day of senior year. Laurie is a single-parent, due to her husband's death the year before and she is trying to deal with it. Laurie meets Ethan Proudmore who she approves of rather than Kristin's previous boyfriend Chase King; this takes place in "Let Me In"

Laurie is described as a very free-willed mother, and often lets her daughter handle things on her own before stepping in, Laurie also is very caring, shown in one episode as she gives her daughter some much needed advice on the dreams she's been having.

In "Skye", Laurie is kidnapped by Skye Asaari as ransom for Kristin to show herself, and Laurie is still kept in the dark about the secrets behind Fells Church. During the season finale, "Homecoming", Laurie goes home and talks with supposed new teacher, and when Kristin arrives home she learns that Laurie has invited Johnston Everwood into their home.

Season TwoEdit

In "The Uninvited", Laurie still has no clue of the supernatural occurances in Fells Church, currently she is the only core character to not know anything about the supernatural species.