Vital statistics
Name Michael
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate August 13, 1972 (38)
Status Deceased
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Rick Fox

Michael (Rick Fox) was the primary caretaker of Miles Johnston. Michael appeared in a few episodes of season one before his unexpected death when he and Sheriff Strauss decided that it would be best to take out Ethan Proudmore and Alexandra Nicolaev.

Season OneEdit

Michael is the adoptive father of Miles Johnston, and Michael is also a vampire slayer. Michael tells Miles about his future around the episode where they attack Ethan and Ellie Santos. Michael tells Miles that if he hadn't pushed his hand he could've killed Ellie right then and there, but Miles sweared he wanted to kill them himself. Michael then decides that he is going to go to Sheriff Strauss with the news that vampires have returned two town. Michael then helps Sheriff dispose of them, by giving vervain to Ethan. That's when Alexandra shows up to help them. Michael is then killed, but they let Terri go.

Miles then swears that he will avenge Michael's death, and soon Miles takes up where Michael left off, and makes it his primary mission to start working with Greg Sutherland, Terri Strauss, and Jared King. Evidentally all four of them had formed a colt, in which Amelia was also apart of, being their witch.