Vital statistics
Name Riley
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Birthdate 1401 (607)
Status Destroyed
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Kwame Boetneg

Riley Asaari (Kwame Boatneg) is a 607-year-old vampire who has come to Fells Church with his mother, Skye Asaari and his sister, Brooks Asaari. He has come to town to get revenge on Ellie Santos, whom killed his father, Aaban. He is ruthelss and doesn't take no for an answer. He is potentially dangerous cannot be trusted as a friend - but an enemy? Yes. Riley has lost control of his humanity, letting revenge get the better of him.

Season OneEdit

Riley first makes an appearnace when Skye kidnaps Laurie Dawson in the episode "Skye" and he immediately charges at Ethan Proudmore. Riley is not like his sister at all, he is assumed to be killed in the fire set by Symone Warren. Later, Skye comes and kids Ethan and Ellie and their plan sets into motion.

Riley taunts Ethan as he locks him away. His sister Brook is upset with his behavior and Riley learns that Brooke wanted Ethan, Kristin Dawson and Symone to escape. Riley tries to attack them, but Brooke stakes him, ending his life.