Vital statistics
Name Ruebin
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Birthdate TBA (31)
Status Destroyed
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Ed Westwick

Ruebin (Ed Westwick) was one of Ellie Santos's sires turned in 1998. Ruebin is one of may of her sires, being her main accomplice in most of the devious activities that she has caused or will cause. Ellie trusts Ruebin with a mission, having him kill Samantha Boone and leaving her body in the forest to be discovered by womever passes.

Season OneEdit

Ruebin was a ruthless yet naive vampire that would always worry if Ethan Proudmore would kill him if he tried to harm Kristin Dawson. One night, Ruebin mistakes Alexandra Nicolaev for a human and decides to attack her and since she's older she is able to stake him easily. Ruebin had happened to be the only vampire Ellie actually wanted to protect. Due to the way Ellie acted out when learning of his death, it can be given off that Ellie had slight feelings towards him, romantic feelings she would never be able to express. And judging from the fact that he stayed with her and vowed to keep her secrets, it can be given Ruebin felt the same way about her as well.

Ruebin is still mentioned by Ellie on various occasions when she wants to find out how much humanity is actually left in her. Rumors have it Ellie only turned Ruebin so she could be with him, she really loved him and didn't want anything to happen to him.