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The Vampire Diaries (Fanmade) went into production of a second season shortly after the completion of the first season. The series centered around 18-year-old Kristin Dawson who not only falls in love with a vampire named Ethan Proudmore, but also falls into a battle that was led by no one other than the antagonistic Ellie Santos.

Now, this season promises to go out with a bang - With the Arrival of the villianous Johnston Everwood to Fells Church, what does he want?...who is going to die? No one knows. Ellie Santos's life is flipped upside down as she is forced to work for the devil himself; Ethan Proudmore learns that sometimes you have to let go when it's a situation of life or death; Alexandra Nicolaev takes on not only losing her humanity, but must come to terms with it and soon becomes closer to it than she thought possible; Symone Warren learns about the roots of the Warren witch bloodline...but soon learns that she is up against a strange new force; Emma Sutherland is thrown into the drama as she is informed of the supernatural world; Aron Misner not only becomes a student but a leader as well as he becomes loyal to a wolf pack; Miles Johnston takes the next step in his destiny as Greg Sutherland forces a sudden choice on Peter Dawson that could cause his connections to a strong being to become dropped; Kara Jabari finds herself having become something that has now turned her life into a nightmare allowing the newly arrived Marcus Wilkeson to find that maybe Fells Church is all it's cracked up to be; Kristin Dawson must make a dangerous choice when she discovers a secret about herself. The choices they make now will change their lives forever...and the things that change their lives will play out to a exhilerating, bloody, and shocking season finale that will leave you saying..."Oh My God!?!?!..."


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Episode Guide: 2011-2012Edit

21 "The Uninvited" 2X01
In this thrilling episode, Johnston Everwood has arrived in Fells Church and now Ellie and Ethan are searching for answers. Kristin struggles to protect Peter, her cousin and Laurie as Alexandra deals with her hunger, not realizing she is only doing it to cope with Chase's death. Miles and Greg deal with the outcome of the terrible night as Symone and Joana continue to bond. Meanwhile, Emma learns about a world she never knew existed. At the end of the episode we learn that Peter is working for Scarlet. Anna leaves town.
22 "Killer Instinct" 2X02
Ellie and Ethan start to go off on their own and question Johnston's agenda as Ellie sets aside her own game plan. Meanwhile, Kristin learns that Emma is not herself and is starting to listen more about Aron's knowledge of the supernatural as Symone undgergoes violent reprocussions. Peter meets Rachel, whom invites him to a party. Ellie comes up with a plan, but it's unclear whose side she is on.
23 "Desperatre Measures" 2X03
We all face our demons sooner or later, Kristin comes across a bloody and egotistic Alexandra and goes to Ethan when she learns that Alexandra has been feeding on humans again. Ellie continues to do the devil's bidding as Johnston reveals he truly does what Kristin dead. Peter attends Rachel and Charlotte's party where he meets Marcus Wilkeson, as Emma, Aron, and Joe question how to get the rest of the werewolves into Fells Church. Symone goes against the rules of the curse Joana placed on her and soon she will feel it in the morning. Ellie double crosses Johnston and he is locked inside of a house. Scarlet threatens Peter via voicemail.
24 "Revelations" 2X04
25 "Trusting The Enemy" 2X05
26 "The Pack" 2X06
27 "Kaylee" 2X07
28 "Bloodlust" 2X08
29 "The Initiation" 2X09
30 "The Darker Side Of The Moon" 2X10