Vital statistics
Name Sheriff Terri Strauss
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate July 12, 1973 (37)
Status Alive
Season 1-2
Series Recurring
Portrayed By Sasha Alexander

Sheriff Theresa "Terri" Strauss (Sasha Alexander) is the sheriff of the town. Terri will do anything to protect Fells Church from the dangers it now faces. One of those dangers being vampires. Terri is kept in the dark about werewolves, but knows about witches.

Season OneEdit

Terri made her first appearance in the episode "There Might Be Blood" as Miles Johnston introduced her to Ethan Proudmore. Due to Miles's and Terri's bond and the fact that she tells him about classified business, it can be hinted that Miles's deceased father was Terri's partner before his death.

Due to Greg Sutherland's arrival, Terri's plans for Ethan Proudmore, Alexandra Nicolaev and Ellie Santos begin to take its effect. Especially when they both have their own little plans to get rid of the vampires. Terri is very close friends with Miles and his adoptive father, Michael. Michael was older than Terri, and she often followed his word. Terri was present when Michael was killed, she blamed herself for not taking earlier actions.

Terri took part in a ritual to kill Symone Warren, a sacrifice to prevent Symone from undergoing a dark fate that will end with a brutal ending. (It can be hinted that this ritual will play out over the course of the second season).

Amelia, Jared King, Michael and Greg Sutherland were all friends and were apart of a colt. The colt was built around protecting the lives of the innocent in the town. Today, the only one's that remain in this colt that are still alive are Terri and Greg. Amelia, Jared, and Michael died in the first season. It is currently unknown if there are any other members in the colt.

Season TwoEdit