Vital statistics
Name Skye Asaari
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Birthdate 1410 (630)
Status Unknown
Season 1
Series Other
Portrayed By Jennifer Freeman

Skye Asaari (Jennifer Freeman) is a 630 year-old vampire from not only Ellie Santos's past, but from Ethan Proudmore's as well. Skye drinks human blood and is very caring towards humans-sometimes. Skye moved to Fells Church looking for revenge against Ellie for having killed her husband Aaban many years ago. Skye is the mother of Brooke Asaari and Riley Asaari both whom are vampires.

Season OneEdit

Skye is first seen towards the end of "Past Mistakes" talking to Ellie at the local Cafe. Skye then tells Ellie that she has something planned for the town of Fells Church, she then announces the fact that she will do whatever it takes to make sure Ellie dies. Then in "Skye", Skye kidnaps Laurie Dawson. Kristin Dawson then portrays herself Scarlet to throw Skye, Brooke, and Riley off. Soon Symone Warren shows up and stops the battle by burning Skye and her family, but they are assumed dead.

Skye proves that she is ruthless when it comes to killing someone for revenge. Skye knew Scarlet back in the 1700s, Skye keeps Ellie on the burial grounds, this hints that Scarlet might had been destroyed by some unknown vampire, but it is unclear.

During "Captive Souls", Skye ends up killing Brooke, after she kills her own brother to save Ethan's life. Then in "Homecoming", the last we see of Scarlet, she is running into the woods, away from the dangerous spell that could put an end to her life.